College has spacious library. Books on important issues by scholars and eminent authors are available in the library. College provides newspapers, literary magazines, Journals, and other magazines on current topics.

Rules regarding the use of library are as follow:-

1.      Following books will not be issued:-

a.      Reference Books.

b.      Newspapers and Magazines.

c.       Manuscripts.

2.      Only two books can be issued for 15 days at one time.

3.      No book will be issued without Library Card.

4.      The Librarian can ask for any book at any time and the student will have to return that book.

5.      In the case of the book lost or damaged, the student will have to pay the double amount as fine for that book.

6.      If the lost book is the part of sequel of another book, the student, will have to pay for the whole set of that book.

7.      The student will be fined as per library rules if he/she does not return the book within 15days.

8.      Students are not supposed to write anything on the books issued by the college library.

9.      The books should not be torn off at the time of return. In that case, the books will not be accepted by the librarian.