The Physics department was established in 2011. The Physics department have well equipped and modern labs with separate dark rooms to upgrade basic technological skills as well as practical skills of the students. Experiments are conducted in the laboratory with the aim of making the students effectively use scientific, mathematical and modern devices in the practice of their work.

The physics lab is equipped with the latest equipment like dispersion of light, to measure the refractive index of the prisms and liquids, to find the angle of prism etc. Facilities for measuring the wavelength of visible light with the help of basic laser kit, to find the frequency of AC mains by electrical vibrator etc. Using the optical fiber kit, one can measure attenuation coefficient of the fibre. Bending loss can also be measured with the help of this kit.

Basic focus in Physics laboratories is to develop scientific temper and encourage students to innovate in diverse technical areas for better understanding of technical and practical problems. We believe that after conducting experiments under the able guidance of faculty members, the students will have a sound theoretical and practical knowledge and they will be able to demonstrate the ability to identify and solve the problems.

Various educational tours and seminars are being conducted in our department every year to improve the skills of young minds.