For the holistic as well as all round development of young students, classroom teaching in the college is supplemented with extra-curricular activities.

Our college is known for all-round development of the student’s personality through participation in various cultural activities so as to give them adequate exposure and training. The cultural wing of college organises a chain of events with an objective of promoting cultural, literary and aesthetic aptitude as well as of students. These activities encourage the young minds to come forward and exhibit their hidden talent by participating in various cultural and creative activities. Under the seasoned guidance and stewardship of our Principal Dr. Daljit Singh Khaira, the youth and cultural wing of the college has excelled in various cultural activities and has brought laurels to the college. A detailed summary on the participation and achievements of the college in cultural activities can be classified into parts:

Participation in youth festival organised by Youth Welfare Department, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar:

·        Since session 2011-12, our college has been participating in various activities in zonal youth festival organised by GNDU, Amritsar. In session 2011-12, the college participated in 9 events and secured positions in 4 events i.e,Kavishri (3rd), Elocution (3rd),  Mimicry (3rd),  Poster making (3rd).

·        In session 2012-13, college participated in 13 events and secured positions in group dance luddi (1st in zonal) group dance luddi (2nd in Inter zonal),  Mimicry (3rd), Poster making (3rd),  Skit (1st).

·        In session 2013-14, college increased its participation in youth festival to 17 events and secured positions in Mimicry (2nd), Skit (2nd), Cartooning (2nd), Group Shabad (3rd),  Photography (2nd),  Group dance Luddi (2nd).

·        In session 2014-15,  college again participated in 17 events and bagged positions in group dance (3rd), Mimicry (2nd), group song (1st),  folk song (1st), one act play (1st).

·        In session 2015-16, college participated in 26 events and excelled by securing positions in one act play (2nd), Mime (3rd),  mimicry (3rd),  bhangra (3rd), bhangra (2nd best performer),  group dance Luddi (3rd), cartooning (3rd), debate (3rd), one act play interzonal (3rd).

·        Session 2016-17 proved a golden one for the college where college participated in 23 events and succeeded in winning over all champions trophy by securing positions in skit (1st), one act play (2nd), poetry (1st), fancy dress (2nd), group dance luddi (3rd).

·        In session 2017-18 again, the college won over all champions trophy by securing position in group song (3rd), vaar (2nd), cartooning (2nd), clay modelling (3rd), On the spot photography (1st). mime (3rd),  skit (2nd), costume parade (3rd), poetical symposium (2nd),  Rangoli (3rd), phulkari (3rd), one act play (1st), general dance luddi (1st),  gidda (2nd).

·        In session 2018-19, college was first runner up of overall champions trophy and secured position in one act play (2nd),  vaar (3rd), skit (3rd),  mime (2nd),  group dance (3rd), Rangoli (3rd).

Other Activities:

Apart from participating in youth festival, students participate in many other activities. In the present session too, students visited many local as well as state level platforms to show their skills and outshine in various competitions. In the college campus too, the cultural wing organizes various events to enable the students explore their skills and recognise their hidden talents. Some of the competitions have been mentioned below:

·        This year KMV College, Jalandhar organized an event called World Vision Fest 2020 in which our 10+1 students participated Plant Variety show and bagged third position. Our students also participated in Prepared Poster Show.

·        Miss Teeyan competition was organized to celebrate Teej festival,. This event was organized to celebrate daughters of Punjab. The theme of the event was ‘Beti bachao, beti padhao’. Various competitions were organized such a Mehndi competition, Make up competition, Nail art, Hair style and Poster making competition.

·        Teacher’s Day was also celebrated in our college on 5th September. On this day, various inter departmental competitions are organised in the college campus to inculcate the feeling of competition, collaboration and self confidence in students. The excellent performance in cultural events has always proved a golden feather in our cap.