The term ‘psychology’, literally means the science of the soul. It is the study of people’s behavior, performance and mental operations. It is the science of experience and behaviour, which tells us about the functioning of human mind. It can predict the beha­viour of an individual, and control it to a certain extent by putting him under proper conditions. It seeks to discover the laws of mind. It also explains how a person can improve himself or herself. This subject plays a significant role in personality development. Many of the primary modern applications for psychology revolve around protecting people from emotional and physical harm while providing them with the necessary mental strength to handle the psychological stress many people face daily. Issues like relationships, workplace stress and financial difficulties all can be affected by psychological symptoms that require diagnosing and managing, which is where modern psychology comes into play and why it’s so important. It is a practical subject comprising of various experiments and research practices. These experiments play a major role in psychological research of human behavior. The psychology laboratory is used for teaching, consultancy and research activities. The lab includes an observation room designed purposefully to allow the psychology students to collect data from human participants using the same resources as professional psychologists. The role of the psychology laboratory is to enrich/ improve the understanding of the students about Classroom processes of learning, teaching, development (different aspects), measurement, assessment and evaluation.

Our college has an advanced spacious psychology lab having almost all the apparatus required for various experiments. Our students perform the experiments based on their curriculum and enrich their knowledge about the psychological concepts and behavioural patterns. The lab has over 100 tests and apparatus/equipment for testing and assessing various aspects considered to be meaningful in achieving requisite assessment of these dimensions. The students are encouraged to enhance their awareness about the different aspects of human behaviour.  Every year psychology students of various semesters submit project files, supervised by their teacher, as a part of their curriculum. Many of our students in Psychology subject have completed their post graduation in Psychology. Some are practising clinical Psychology and some are teaching this subject in colleges.